Design the Life You Love: Inspiration Journal #8


In this Inspiration Journal we have a creative exercise that has you listening to music and writing. Those of you who aren’t as comfortable drawing, you'll like this one. Have fun!

Design the Life You Love!


How to be Creative Everyday: Exercise #5 Listen to Music & Write (or Draw!)

This is an adaptation of exercise #5 from my Inc. article with 32 exercises to boost your creativity. To do this exercise set aside 15 minutes to listen to music and write ideas that pop into your head (or sketch, for those of you who prefer to draw!). As always, don't edit or judge yourselves, just go with the rhythm of the music and have fun!

What music did you listen to? Please let me know at and share with me what you wrote or drew.  And I hope you'll continue to share examples of how you're creative everyday on our Design the Life Love: How To Be Creative Everyday Pinterest page.

For more inspiration read my latest Inc. article: What It Really Means to Be a Design Led Company.

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