Design the life you love: Inspiration Journal #6


To inspire you this week I'm sharing a creative exercise I learned from my dear friend, Ken Carbone, the co-founder of Carbone Smolan Agency and a renowned graphic designer, artist, musician, author, and teacher. He called this exercise, "An Apple a Day." Enjoy it!

Design the life you love!

Ayse Birsel


For this exercise, also from my original list of 32 Creative Exercises in Inc., I want you to draw an apple a day for one week using a different technique each day. Ken did this for 365 days! Check out how he did it here and be inspired!

Keep in mind the different techniques you can use like drawing, sculpting or photographing and the different materials available to you such as pencils, colored markers, crayons, pastels, paints, paper, or clay. Have fun! 

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