Design the Life You Love Inspiration Journal #11


This week we warm up your right brain by drawing without seeing. I love this exercise because it encourages concentration and self-trust. And it is about the process and experience, just as much as it is about the outcome—no masterpieces expected!

Also, my most recent Inc. article about simplifying our lives generated a lot of interest. This inspired me to ask about your tools and tips. Please share with me how you minimize choice and simplify your life by filling out our simplicity survey. It takes about 5 minutes to complete. Thank you!

Design the life you love!


How To Be Creative Everyday

Drawing Without Seeing

Find an object on your desk, like a stapler, a pencil or a binder clip. Now cover your hand with a paper towel or a large sheet of paper and draw the object without peeking. When you're done, remove the paper. Tada! You'll be amazed.

The opening animation was created by our intern, Meltem Parlak. After she was done, she noted how much she liked this exercise: 

"I think I did it 6 or 7 times and every time I draw a little bit better. I was looking at the object, but actually I was drawing it in my mind. So, sometimes I closed my eyes. It was like a mystery until I saw what I drew. And that feeling made me more excited about it." 

What did you draw? And how did it make you feel? Let me know at  

I hope you'll also continue to share examples of how you're creative everyday on our Design the Life Love: How To Be Creative Everyday Pinterest page.

Please also remember to take a moment to help inspire me by completing our Simplicity Survey and providing me with tools and tips on how to simplify our lives. Thank you! 

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