Design the Life You Love Inspiration Journal #10


In this week’s journal we’re highlighting the writer Elizabeth Gilbert, author ofEat, Pray, Love. 

Gilbert courageously lives an original life and is now helping others to do the same with her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear and podcast,"Magic Lessons", where she advises people who are artistically stuck how to get over their fears. Very relatable!

Design the life you love!


Extraordinary Lives

Elizabeth Gilbert: "Do Your Dance"

In Eat, Pray, Love Gilbert journeyed from Italy to India to Indonesia as she looked inside herself, and at the influences around her, to rediscover who she was after a difficult divorce. In her new book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear and podcast "Magic Lessons," she shares her process and provides insights into how each of us can tap into our own creativity. About her new book Slate magazine noted: "Gilbert comes bearing reports from a new world where untold splendors lie waiting for those bold and hard-working enough to claim them." Let's claim them!

You can also hear her thoughts on creativity and her process in her TED talk, “Your Elusive Creative Genius.”  

We’re inspired by her fearlessness, desire to share, and incredible storytelling abilities. We hope you will be too. As she notes in her TED Talk, “If your job is to dance, do your dance.” So to all of you, go do your dance, whatever it is.

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