Design the Life You Love Inspiration Journal #9


Paperclips are utilitarian items waiting for us to pick them up and play with them. Let's have fun with them this week as we warm up the creative part of our brains. I've done this exercise many times in the past and the results always put a smile on my face. 

Design the life you love!

Ayse Birsel

How To Be Creative Everyday

Exercise #9: Making Things With Paperclips

This week we're sharing another prompt from my 32 creative exercises Inc. article. Do you have paperclips on your desk? Grab a handful and let your imagination go wild. Make as many different things as you can with them for 5 minutes (or even longer if you want).

My advice remains the same, don't judge yourself and have fun! 

What did you make? Please share it with me at And I hope you'll continue to share examples of how you're creative everyday on our Design the Life You Love: How To Be Creative Everyday Pinterest page. 

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