Design the Life You Love: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Meaningful Future by Ayse Birsel

A joyful, inspirational guide to building the life you've always dreamed of, using the principles and creative process of an award-winning product designer.

"Ayse's book costs very little money, takes almost no time to go through and may have a gigantic impact on your life. This is good design: a tiny investment featuring enormous possibilities."          – Stefan Sagmeister, Sagmeister & Walsh

"Remember when people used to tell each other impatiently to 'Get a life!'; Well, with this engaging book Ayse Birsel provides a well-wrought strategy for doing precisely that. In the process, readers gain some precious insights into what design is and what designers do." - Ralph Caplan, Critic and Author

"The beauty of Ayse Birsel’s book is that it gives the reader a strategy for gathering all the dreams and detritus of her lackluster current life, and for reassembling those random bits into something original, brilliant, and wholly personal. Birsel reminds us that the components of the life we desire are already there; we need only to lay them out, sort them differently, inject a bit of imagination, energy and love, and voila! A new, better life is before us, ready to be lived." - Linda Tischler, Senior Editor, Fast Company

"Ayse's talent as a designer and her unique worldview collide perfectly in Design The Life You Love. For anyone who is looking for an imaginative yet logical way to think through life's challenges, this is for you. Learn how to shift your perspectives with design-thinking, and be inspired by her illustrations along the way."  - Beth Comstock, CEO Business Innovations, GE

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